MmmooOgle Ration

This professional ration balancing tool is designed around the latest advances in dairy nutrition and grafted onto the MmmooOgle cloud-based platform. Developing optimal rations, sharing them with others and monitoring the resulting milk output all become straightforward.


Choose your preferred calculation model: NRC, VEM/DVE or any other model of your preference.

Gain time

Use the handy importation wizard for feedstuff analysis results; enjoy the ration comparison module and the handy cost calculator to facilitate your task. Reduce paperwork and minimise office time.

Optimise milk output

Being embedded in the MmmooOgle cloud-based technology, you will be able to monitor milk production from any type of milking parlour or robot. As a consequence you can adjust your rations for better performance. Measure and adjust!

Get a handle on all dietary costs

MmmooOgle Ration allows dairy professionals to optimise the return on feed costs.

Connect and collaborate

Share your rations at team or herd level with your colleagues or advisor. Benchmark and multiply.


The good news doesn’t stop here

You can automatically translate any ration developed with MmmooOgle Ration into recipes and practical feeding instructions tailored to specific farm/herd/pen situations; simply connect with MmmooOgle FeedNow!

No internet? Try Spartan!

Spartan Dairy 3 (Download Version) is a Windows-based, stand-alone computer program for use in evaluating and formulating diets for dairy cattle. After ordering this product, you will be given a link to download the program on your computer..